Форсайт для идустрии гостеприимства: заключительная сессия

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275a3310 сентября состоится заключительная сессия форсайта «Индустрия гостеприимства 2022: Украина самая гостеприимная страна Европы», организованного клубом Hoteliero (методологический партнер Wikicitynomica).
место проведения — Киев, ресторан Matisse отеля CITYHOTEL.
ФОРСАЙТ – это совокупность исследовательских и управленческих мероприятий, направленных на прогнозирование и конструирование будущего разных отраслей экономики. ФОРСАЙТ, который проводит Клуб HOTELIERO, является многоходовым исследованием, объединяющим разные методики изучения и проектирования будущего индустрии гостеприимства.
Первая 4-х часовая сессия участников масштабного Форсайт-проекта была проведена в феврале 2013 года. Затем онлайн-опрос участников рынка. В конце апреля на территории отеля «Воздвиженский» состоялось полнодневная основная  сессия. С апреля по сентябрь  к материалы исследования и стратегические инициативы промежуточного отчета корректировали и дополняли эксперты — экономисты, маркетологи, IT-эксперты, политологи и богословы.  
Заключительная сессия проекта ФОРСАЙТ «Индустрия гостеприимства 2022: Самая гостеприимная страна Европы» состоится 10 сентября. «Экспертные включения» позволят усовершенствовать выводы о состоянии и будущем отрасли гостеприимства, доработать стратегические инициативы и увидеть новые возможности.
Для членов Клуба HOTELIERO вход на заседание свободный.
Для нерезидентов — оплата в размере 800 грн. за одного участника.
Дата — 10 сентября 2013 года
Начало — 11:00 (регистрация с 10:30)
Место: ресторан Matisse, отель CITYHOTEL, Киев, ул. Богдана Хмельницкого 56-А
Dress Code: Business Traditional (no jeans)
Координаты организатора для заинтересованных в участии:
+38(050) 641-39-66/ a.skipyan@hoteliero.ua — Президент Клуба HOTELIERO, Андрей Скипьян
+38(098) 604-0-604/ marketing@hoteliero.ua — Директор Клуба HOTELIERO, Анастасия Корниенко
Мы разрешаем использовать контент этого сайта, при указании ссылки, в качестве первоисточника.

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    or are able to reconcile my deficit of faith with my continued church membership
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    I’m just not a spiritual person I wouldn’t question an afterlife I do not believe exists, I wouldn’t dwell on the (non ?)presence of a greater power, I wouldn’t concern yourself with which religion is «right» and and that is «wrong,» so i didn’t concerned with these «big picture» issues, whilst youngsters. I don’t have any reason to think there’s a simple God, so i therefore would not have that belief instead of have. I certainly don’t even think that religious belief is really a necessary part of living a virtuous or moral life.
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    You may reasonably ask why someone much like me attends church initially. I’m keen on likely to my church for a lot of reasons. We’re objective liberal denominations in terms of our philosophies and outlook, which manifests itself (within our church, at the very least) as being very gay friendly, environment friendly, and focused on problems with social justice. Our mission dollars support programs that empower poor and even children within our community and round the world. We certainly have lots of older members who have tremendously interesting activities and perspectives to show. I’ve got the tradition associated with attended worship services in this particular faith for some of my well being, which is a source of comfort. My sister also spent your childhood years Presbyterian, and that we were married with a Presbyterian minister. She will be a believing Christian and we’re bringing up our two young children inside church, in the process.
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    My capability take care of this cognitive dissonance waxes and wanes over time, nevertheless the long run trend has definitely tipped toward my feeling increasingly awkward as being a church member. Previously year, specially, I’ve become really really irritating. As my responsibilities increase, I’m like I’m living a lot more on the lie.
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    In the point of view of an believing church member, we (I’m while using the editorial «we» here) will want to maybe you’ve stay and turn into honest with regards to your condition of belief than leave. It is probably correct that there are others inside the pews who feel as you do. Even more conservative churches have members who definitely are there for reasons besides devotion to God.
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    Inspired with the thoughtful replies to two recent AskMe questions (here and here), I also have a question about atheism, on the other hand come in internet marketing originating from a different angle: how does someone handle my not enough faith when I’ve been a committed church member? The true kicker is that I’ve never supported clients.
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    2. There are a number of us within church who’ve reached out over me producing me feel welcome and special. I admire, respect and love them deeply. Leaving them and potentially losing their friendship could well be wrenching.
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    5. Our pastor is young and comparatively a new comer to our church. I’m very partial to him and it may be extremely hard for him to simply accept my leaving, and I’ve specifically avoided speaking to him due to this fact.
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    As soon as i observe the numbers showing the declining membership figures for the denomination and our church it is not all as a result of death I am aware which i can’t be the sole one who feels like this. Still, I don’t know of anyone who’s left our church recently a minimum of, not one person in a leadership role. Our church embraces modernity and education, it is more about as liberal in its theology as they quite simply come, and it’s an excellent spot to congregate. It is harder to exit, I’d think, computer system is usually to leave a fundamentalist church! Still, it may not be a social club, that i’m uneasy treating it as being such. Maybe you’ll find atheists or agnostics aplenty from the pews, but I’m not alert to them.1. I don’t know how this is able to play out with my sister and children. It’s not uncommon for the church members to venture to services utilizing their children but without their spouses; in those instances, though, the non member spouse (that is usually the husband/father) has never attended. I will not visualize a single instance where someone in a couple has simply stopped attending worship services, not to mention someone in a leadership role. My cousin knows of my loss of faith as well as being understanding and supportive, but she’d prefer which i keep attend worship services, special occasions and committee meetings. I do think I benefited from attending Presbyterian services since a child, and so i haven’t any problem at all with the kids still achieve this. I worry, though, that this would have been a supply of considerable tension in your family.
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    3. Our church, and our denomination, almost apparently expect some standard of faithlessness. Maybe it’s assumed to generally be transitory, not permanent, but questioning one’s faith is encouraged in your tradition. I am like creating a clean break might be a issue with this mindset being prevalent.
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